Green Bees – Marine

EYFS Action Plan- May 2021

In EYFS we are focusing on our knowledge of marine life and the negative impact of plastic in our seas and waters.

EYFS Eco Day – June 2021

To celebrate Eco Day we created an ‘EYFS Beach’ on the field. Unfortunately, there was lots of rubbish on this beach…

We talked about how bad this plastic can be for marine life and everyone worked hard to clean up the beach.

Alongside this, we introduced our new talk4writing book ‘Somebody Swallowed Stanley’. This is the story of a plastic bag who is lost in the ocean.

Take a look at some of the pictures from this day below!

Litter Pick- June 2021

The EYFS children understand the importance of having clean oceans. Because of this they have been working very hard at home doing their own ‘ litter picks’ at beaches and ponds.

We have been using the rubbish the children found in the recycling areas in our classrooms.

Year 6 Action Plan for the prtoection of local marine wildlife and the natural enviroment in Colchester

Year 6 Action Plan

Year 6 were privellaged to speak virtually Mike Anderson regarding river pollution and what the fetilisation industry are doing about Eutrophication.

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