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Mrs Richards and Mrs Boden are always available to help at the door.

Useful links to help your child

Below is a list of websites that you might find useful to help your child.


The following websites have great suggestions for reading books for children of all ages.

School Reading List

Books for Topics

You can also log on to the oxford owl e-library to read books at home. Your log in should be in your childs reading diary. The website link is below.

Oxford Owl e-books


Times tables rock stars is a great way for the children to practice their times tables, again their logins should be in their jotters and has been sent home additionally. If they cannot remember their login then please just let me know. The website is

Sadly, we lost one of our children to an untimely death (not really – please don’t panic!)

However, in Year 4 we love to use any opportunity as a teaching moment. The body was used for Year 4 to mummify. She needed to have some of her organs removed and stored in canopic jars. She also had her heart mummified too! This was done as part of the children understanding how and why ancient Egyptians were mummified.

Luckily, after some very careful attention and TLC, the child made a miraculous and full recovery in time for the afternoon’s lessons.

Today, pupils in Year 4 collected together to help the teachers create a big poo! We looked at the functions of the different organs in the digestive system and recreated the passage of food through the digestive system. Disgusting but very fun.

Egyptian Artefacts

Year 4 received a letter from Ernest Wigglesworth, Esq. our intrepid explorer friend from Mr Herron’s days serving in the Royal Navy.

Along with the letter, he sent some Egyptian artefacts for the children to explore. They needed to think about what they were used for and what they were made from.

The enthusiasm from the children was incredible!

PE Kits and Swimming

Please remember that Thursday is our PE day. Pupils should arrive wearing PE kits, with long hair tied back and with appropriate footwear for sport. Earrings must be removed for PE sessions.

Wednesday is our swimming day. Pupils must ensure that they are wearing their swimsuit under their uniform by lunchtime so they are ready for swimming. Earrings must be removed, by insistence of the pool, or pupils will not be permitted to swim.

Kind regards,

Mrs Richards

We can play the violin!

Blue and Niebieski have been learning to play the violin with Mrs Richards every Friday afternoon. We have played pizzicato (plucked strings) and arco (using a bow). We know how to play safely and sensibly and can play songs using the open strings of our instruments.

We feel very musical and clever!

Our songs include: Fast lane, Rhythm train, Katie’s Waltz, Popcorn, Swing band and Raindrops.

Talk for Writing – Cold Dreams

During English, we use the Talk For Writing method to learn texts. See if your child can remember the words to ‘Cold Dreams’ using the symbols generated in class!

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