Welcome to Yellow Class!

We have a busy Autumn Term ahead!

In English the children will begin to write some amazing narratives, instructions and a diary entry. The children will learn some  new vocabulary and grammar.

In our maths learning this term we will be learning all about numbers and especially 2 digit numbers! The children will learn to partition the numbers (tens and ones) and they will then start to learn different methods about adding and subtracting. The children are always encouraged to practice their learning at home.

In our Reading the children will develop fluency, prediction and inference skills along with reading a range of fiction and non-fiction text.

In our RE learning the children will understand how Christian’s believe God created the world, the will also learn about Incarnation and link this to the Nativity story. The big questions the children will have to answer re ‘Should we look after God’s world?’ and ‘Why is the birth of Jesus important to Christians?’.

In our Computing lessons the children will learn about how to keep safe online. The children will also learn to code their own Scratch Game.

In Music the children will be reading music notes, playin instruments and learning a range of songs for our Nativity performance.

We loved following our instructions for ‘how to make a gingerbread man’. We decided to make our own gingerbread men. They were very tasty!

In our Science learning we learnt about Louis Pasteur and how he discovered germs. We had fantastic experiment where we learnt about how easily germs can spread. We realised the importance of washing our hands and keeping our surfaces clean!

In our Science learning we also created our own flowers using different materials. We had to time each flower to see how quickly it would open.

For our History learning we all got to dress up as significant people from the past! I wonder if anyone can guess who we came as…

In our RE learning we also enjoyed creating our own pictures of the Creation story using different materials.

In the month of December the children have worked very hard from practising their Nativity songs, lines and actions! The children have also continued to work hard in all aspects of their learning. In the last week of term we’ve enjoyed making some lovely Christmas crafts with the children. They have been able to take these home to share with their families.


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